Mobile: come firmare i documenti elettronici

Electronic signatures, recognized by law in many countries (including the US, Canada, and Europe) since the early 2000s, are as valid as traditional paper signatures. No need to visit your accountant's office or send documents via mail—simply sign any document directly on your client portal. In this article, we will explain how.


Attention! QES signatures are not available in the mobile app. Please use the web portal.

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Firma elettronica di documenti preparati dall'azienda

To review and sign a document with the status of Pending signature or Pending Partially signed, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Documents page.

2. In the Waiting for action section, tap the document.

3. Turn on the toggle to agree with the electronic signature disclosure and click Continue.

4. Select the Begin signing button to highlight fields that need to be signed and tap the highlighted field.

5. If you have never signed documents before, enter your e-signature and initials once, and they will be used again going forward.

6. Enable Insert signature on all fields toggle if you want to add your signature to all fields and click Insert.

7. Tap the Next field button to highlight the next field.

Note:  In order to complete e-signing the document, all fields should be filled.

8. Once all fields are filled, tap Finish.

Declining to sign

You can also decline to e-sign by tapping the Decline to sign button and selecting Yes, decline. Get in touch with your firm contact to discuss alternatives for signing your documents.

Modifica della firma

Quando si firma un documento per la prima volta, è necessario inserire il proprio nome e scrivere la firma. Una volta salvato, tutto ciò che dovrete fare in futuro sarà toccare il campo firma elettronica per firmare.

Se si desidera modificare le iniziali o la firma, toccarle, apportare le modifiche e premere Inserisci.

Toggle Insert signature on all fields to replace all other signatures.

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